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Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

DWI defense is critical to protecting your license, keeping you out of jail, and minimizing the charges that you face. You may be overwhelmed, wondering where to turn, what steps to take, and who you should trust to handle your case. Fishkill DWI defense lawyer Edward T. McCormack has more than 30 years of experience as an attorney with a focus on drunk driving and DWI defense. He is a former law enforcement officer, prosecutor, and judge who understands the inner workings of the court system and how to defeat criminal charges or reduce penalties on behalf of clients.

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Complex Investigations in DWI and Drunk Driving Cases

Any DWI allegation or drunk driving arrest is going to involve a highly specific set of facts. How fast were you driving? Was there probable cause to pull you over? Were there witnesses involved in your case? What were the results of the field sobriety or BAC DataMaster test? Is there video evidence of the arrest? Your defense will depend on the ability of your attorney to use the fact-set and evidence presented against you. Edward T. McCormack will use appropriate evidence to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to charge you with a crime. We will also take a comprehensive approach to exploring all of your defense options, including negotiation of charges and other means to minimize penalties. You can trust that we will take every available action to protect your rights and return the best possible results in your case. Attorney Edward McCormack is experienced in cases involving:

  • DWI and felony DWI
  • Driving while ability impaired (DWAI defense)
  • Repeat DWI offenses
  • Breathalyzer and field sobriety refusal
  • Leandra’s Law
  • Ignition interlock devices
  • Hardship licenses
  • Boating while intoxicated

Get Your Life Back on Track

After a DWI, you may feel that your life has taken a turn for the worse, and you may wonder how to get your life back on track. We are here to help. Let’s take it step by step to reduce your charges and penalties and ensure that minimize any consequences of an arrest. Our team has the resources to handle all aspects of your case and manage any case throughout the Hudson Valley region.

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